Madison Central Business Improvement District
Sat, Mar 17, 2018
About Us : Reauthorization Vote
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In 1999, private sector leaders created the BID to fund services over and above what the city provides. BID supports a vibrant retail, restaurant and entertainment district that benefits all tenants, and helps attract employers, employees and residents to downtown. BID provides services and programs for retail, restaurant, entertainment, and service businesses in the District.

  • Communication and Advocacy on issues that matter for property owners and tenants (road construction, parking, safety, Downtown Plan, Alcohol Licensing policy, and more)
  • Downtown Ambassadors - Visitor Services
  • Downtown Map & Guide/
  • Advertising and Events that drive Customer Traffic
  • Market Research to help with Tenant Recruitment and Business Development

    BID Ambassadors help 43,000 downtown customers a year.
    The BID is a special assessment district with a five-year sunset. The property owners decided that the BID Operating Plan should require a majority affirmative vote of assessed property owners every five years to continue the district.

    In July, 2019, BID property owners will vote (by mail) on whether to continue the District 2020-24.

    The BID must be reauthorized with "yes" votes for these programs and services to continue.

    Learn more about the 2014 reauthorization:
  • Downtown Madison Inc. (DMI) supports BID Reauthorization
  • BID Annual Meeting Presentation
  • BID Overview: Programs and Services
  • BID Letter to Property Owners
  • BID Letter to Business Owners
  • BID History - How the BID was formed and how the assessment method was chosen

    BID funds downtown plantings, over and above basic city services.
    The vote will be conducted by sending a ballot to the owner of each property within the District subject to the BID special assessment. There will be one ballet per parcel. Based on the returned ballots, an aggregate frontage will be calculated. The owners of over 50% of that aggregate frontage must vote affirmatively for the continuation of the BID. The ballots will be submitted to the City and will be counted by the City Clerk only after the voting deadline has passed.

    Voting Process
    Sample Ballot